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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a fan, ditto Heidi Klum and even Aretha.  A fan of what, you may ask.  Why, the giant bow and with the holidays underway there is no time like the present to make yourself resemble one.  Okay, maybe you want to tone it down a notch or two…after all, you’re probably not a performer or a supermodel.  Or, maybe you want to imagine yourself as one.  Either way,  here are some of my best bow finds done small scale or large, on an accessory or a garment, for you to determine how this look works for you.



Heidi Klum

Aretha Franklin

Valentino Satin Bow Clutch

Kate Spade Moon River Ring

Marchesa Silk Bow Dress

Ted Baker Oversized Bow Coat

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