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My mind is on white, in all its’ iterations.  From the brightest white to creamy white to the palest beige.  Today, I turn to images from art, architecture, nature and fashion to form my inspiration.

This yummy creamy beige colored vest can be found at

The whitest white is used on Versace‘s 2011 resort collection dress.

Richard Meier, a modernist architect who favors predominantly white materials for all his buildings, designed the Ara Pacis Museum in 2006 which features the 2,000 year old “altar of peace”.

Ara Pacis Museum Rome, Italy

Paper art is a favorite medium of mine. Behold these whimsical creations by artist Peter Callesen who uses A4 paper to make his creations.

Cradle 2006

Distant Wish 2006

White Peacock

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