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Bright Star, would I were stedfast as thou art.”

When John Keats wrote so poetically of eternity, as symbolized by a star, he captured one aspect of this celestial body’s appeal.  The fact that a star is sparkling and can illuminate the night sky is an attention getter as well.  A symbol associated with the holiday season, it seems right to focus now on star adornments and accessories for fashion astronomers everywhere to appreciate.

Judith Jack Necklace, Sterling Silver Marcasite and Crystal Star Pendant $395

Jimmy Choo has discovered a way to sprinkle the starry sky onto a pair of grey suede ballet flats.  Get your celestial slippers $289.99 at Women’s Jimmy Choo Metallic Suede Wray Ballet Flats – Grey

Check out these dazzlers by H.M. Stern $4900 available at Women’s H.Stern Stars Earrings

Thierry Mugler Parfums has issued a limited edition fittingly named Angel Mugler Show Star $115.  This stunning bottle holds the Angel scent that combines sweet notes evocative of childhood such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Honey and Caramel along with headier scents of Bergamot, Patchouli and Coumarin, among others. Let the glittering black Swarovski® crystals adorning this refillable spray bottle be the star of your dressing table.

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