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Sometimes feeling blue is a good thing.  When it is about accessories, that is. Check out these pieces which serve as beautiful accents for you, or your technology.  Choose the intensity of hue, from turquoise blue to saturated azure, to match your mood.

Lagos ‘Passion’ blue topaz pendant necklace $450 available at Nordstrom go to’passion’_semiprecious_pendant_necklace:336719&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:trackingCode=69B725CE-1AFF-DF11-9C39-001517B1882B&mr:referralID=NA

Marc Jacobs iPhone case $28 available at

This sharp leather embossed croc iPad sleeve is $98 go to Graphic Image Croc Embossed Leather iPad Sleeve One Size

Both stylish and sporty, this Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph bracelet watch MK5271 $169.88 is available at MICHAEL Michael Kors Watch, Women’s Chronograph Blue Polyurethane …

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