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Located directly across from each other, in the college town of Berkeley, are two shopping jewels that are the perfect pairing for any party girl who has a fondness for beautiful things with a provenance.

Labels Accessories at 2659 Ashby Avenue houses an inventory packed offering of shoes, sunglasses and purses in a 2 story boutique space. Many of the designer bags are displayed in clear, locked boxes which line the walls of the first floor.  Shoes are on the second floor.  In the boxes I spotted lots of Prada, Bottega Veneta and Chanel with pieces from Cole Hahn or vintage croc bags displayed openly. 

Visiting Tail of the Yak at 2632 Ashby Avenue is a visual wonderland that must be experienced  gradually as there is much to study in the cleverly designed display vignettes imagined by the shop owners with surprises everywhere you look, including a pair of doves in a muslim beribboned confection of a cage, one nesting on an egg!

There are French soaps pretty enough for any powder room, wonderful paper creations from South America and beyond including paper garlands, paper flowers, heavyweight paper embossed place cards and invitations with gold leaf.  I picked up some beautiful paper watches in gold and silver for $1 that I thought would look lovely on my next party table setting.  Tin toy reproductions were well crafted and beautifully displayed jewelry in a case was enticing.  Glass objects d’art were placed under domes to great effect.

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