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How to stay dry in the rain and still look great? Here are 5 great options to keep you dry in style:
LightDrops Umbrella uses a conductive membrane called PDVF that converts the kinetic energy of rain drops into electricity in trace amounts. So you can walk through the rain knowing you are generating renewable energy that will light your way. That’s smart, safe and savvy.

Fornasetti makes this fabulous umbrella with a gold or silver lurex outer canopy and matching handle that is right on trend. A stunning view inside the canopy of eight different images of Fornasetti’s trademark mysterious woman. It comes with a black fabric case and shoulder strap. Of course, it’s made in Italy.


This clever xray umbrella designed by Anastacia Spada will keep you bone dry while you study up on your skeletal system.

X-RAY Umbrella

Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

MARIMEKKO, the Finnish textile house has covered umbrellas with its’ stunning designs.  Here is my favorite but there are many more to choose from.–keywords-umbrella–x-0–y-0


Seen at the Museum of Modern Art, this clever umbrella is black and white until the raindrops change it to color.  So much for a boring day.


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